More than 3.9 million live with disabilities in Australia. So that means one in six people living in Australia lives with different disabilities, ranging from blindness to immobility to hearing loss, etc. But your disabilities shouldn’t stop you from pursuing a career. You need to know the jobs that suit you best. There is nothing as satisfying as putting your quality abilities to the test in a workplace. And it doesn’t matter the disability you have; various jobs fit your skills and experience. Many companies are beginning to see the quality of the skill sets and the unique strengths of people living with disabilities. Laws are constantly changing to deal with problems people with disabilities face in their workplace.

What Jobs Are Best For People With Disability?

Every person living with a disability cannot do the same job. And that is because the word “disability” covers a wide range of conditions. Certain careers are better suited for some people with specific conditions. For example, people that are blind have heightened auditory abilities. It is advisable to go for jobs involving sound, such as audio engineering, because it is a perfect fit for them. People who have difficulty hearing can maintain focus while working in loud environments. They will have a successful career in mechanical engineering, construction engineering, etc. Also, people with mobility disabilities will thrive in careers like administration, accounting, etc. It is essential to know where you fit in, which will help you in your decision-making.

Best Jobs For People With Disabilities

You must know your rights and focus more on careers that best fit your condition before looking for jobs.  Here are some jobs for people with disabilities:

  • Counselor: It doesn’t matter if you are a vocational counselor or guidance counselor; you can help others with disabilities with your personal experience. You can help them navigate through finding jobs, schooling, and their daily activities. With this career, you will contribute immensely to the lives of people living with disability and also get a check.
  • Accountant: if you are mathematically intelligent, accounting is a great career. You will successfully handle finances for your clients without any issues as long as you have excellent communication skills, quick thinking, and organizational skills. An average accountant earns between $40,000 to $70,000 annually.
  • Legal Assistant: You don’t need to own a law degree before working in a law firm. You can be a paralegal, legal assistant, secretary, etc. And all these jobs are easy to handle. To sustain yourself in this field, you can take online courses related to these careers. The certificates will make you more relevant. The average salary is between $50,000 to $60,000.
  • Remote Job: One of the best ways anyone can work is by working from home. There are tons of careers you can build by working from home, including web design, copywriting and content creation, data entry, sales, etc. You only need a personal computer and stable internet. You can also set hours you will be available to work. And these careers are very lucrative.

Final Thoughts

Hiring practices for disabled people are changing, and so are the laws. There are numerous jobs that people with disabilities can thrive in, and the highlights are few of them. It might be challenging to find the right career that fits your skill set and experience, but it’s worth it in the end.

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